A family campsite for moments of conviviality and sharing

At the family campsite Les Portes du Canigou, we are aware that the environment, the beauty of the landscapes or the quality of the accommodation are not everything. The welcome, human warmth and friendliness remain essential for a fully successful holiday.

This is why we have planned, throughout the summer season, friendly little meetings. Starting with the APERO DES REGIONS.  During July and August, this will take place every Sunday evening. During the off-season, we have made a point of keeping this moment of sharing but in a more timeless way.
The principle is simple, the whole team of the campsite invites you to come and share a small aperitif with them. The campsite offers all its holidaymakers a home-made sangria and each one brings a speciality from their region to show it to their campsite neighbour. It is during this friendly aperitif that the campsite team will introduce itself to you and explain the entertainment programme in detail. The partners (canyoning, winegrower, tourist office, fishing association…) also join us to make this moment even more festive. The languages are loosened and the holidays begin thus under the best auspices.

Wine markets and tastings

It is still too early to say where, when and how the other activities offered by the campsite will take place. However, the new owners are working hard to provide you with some friendly get-togethers during your holiday. Like their first campsite CAMPING LA TOUR DE FRANCE, Marie-Laure and Max want to set up a weekly market at Les Portes du Canigou, Prades (66), with the sale of local products, a wine tasting and, why not, an introduction to the making of bougnettes (a Catalan speciality) as they already do at their campsite in the Agly valley, only 30 kilometres from PRADES.

All the pictures were taken at the La Tour de France campsite.

Sharing Moments 1